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Gurgaon, February 2013 Eon Networks Offers Premier Cloud Computing Solutions

Eon Networks Pvt. Ltd., a leading IT infrastructure products and solutions provider, today extended its partnership with Bharti Airtel and Microsoft Corporation to offer cloud computing services to small and medium business enterprises (SMBs). Eon will thus make Microsoft cloud based Microsoft 365 / M365 solutions through Bharti Airtel and Microsoft Corporation to its customers in Delhi, Gurgaon and the NCR.

Eon Networks' long standing partnership with these premier organisations, its track record as an excellent infrastructure provider, and the competency of its staff in delivering cloud based solutions - make it an ideal choice for its existing and potential customers when it comes to migration of existing in-house facilities to cloud.

There is a growing trend by organisations to move to cloud based services and reduce the high running costs and overheads associated with in-house data centres e.g. MS Office single licence costs approximately INR 15K, whereas office on cloud costs as little as Rs 448 pm.

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EON Networks are associated with world’s top global tech and IT companies as our technology partners. We work together with our alliance partners to build a customer-driven smart integrated solution which meets all the business requirements of our customer.