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New Delhi, June 20, 2007 Eon Networks has now become registered partner of Symantec

Eon Networks Pvt. Ltd.,an IT infrastructure products and solutions provider to domestic customers, today announced its Partnership with Symantec India. This partnership will enable Eon Networks to deliver various Security Back up, Disaster Recovery and antivirus solutions to customers in India as well as worldwide.

Eon Networks will provide architecture roadmaps which will help to build a more resilient, adaptive and intelligent network infrastructure. Eon Networks offers a technology vision as well as segment-specific architectures for building a network infrastructure. Its services excel in business processes, agility, security and productivity. Its team of highly skilled and experienced network engineers and design professionals will help its clients implement a robust, lasting and modern network infrastructure.

Organisations today are seeking ways to excel in business processes, agility, security and productivity. An intelligent network builds an existing infrastructure foundation and turns the traditional IT Cost Center into a Strategic Tool that helps enable sophisticated IT functionality. The value of an organisation's data and communications network must be evaluated by the ability to support business objectives, enhance productivity and provide optimal performance in today’s constantly connected world. Our Managed Services, Infrastructure Solutions and Network Consulting Group concentrate on providing network and communication solutions which can lower the cost and improve the performance of the IT infrastructures of our clients.

Our vision is to provide a world class IT Infrastructure Solutions and Services to our clients. We believe in innovation and are able to connect your network with intellect. Eon Networks provides a complete IT Infrastructure Solution and Services backed by a strong network support.

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EON Networks are associated with world’s top global tech and IT companies as our technology partners. We work together with our alliance partners to build a customer-driven smart integrated solution which meets all the business requirements of our customer.