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New Delhi, October 23, 2007 Eon Networks has now become registered partner of Microsoft

Eon Networks Pvt. Ltd.,an IT infrastructure products and solutions provider to domestic customers, today announced its partnership with Microsoft Corporation. This partnership will enable Eon Networks to offer and deliver various Microsoft software products and solutions to customers in India.

Eon Networks consortium with Microsoft will increase the scope of our offerings and help us deliver wider range of solutions to our clients. Our customers will benefit from promotional schemes, improved product support and competitive pricing.

Eon Networks offers Microsoft Windows 2003, Windows XP/Vista, Small Business Server, ISA, SQL, System Management Server, etc. IT infrastructure related Microsoft software & services to the customers with licensing, installation & configuration.

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EON Networks are associated with world’s top global tech and IT companies as our technology partners. We work together with our alliance partners to build a customer-driven smart integrated solution which meets all the business requirements of our customer.